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The Founder2be Co-Founder events which is hosted by Entarado Ltd is the first set of events held in Africa. It is a quarterly event which provides a platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs and Startups learn from established entrepreneurs and also find potential co-founders with complimentary skill sets for their business or idea. The 2014 event would be themed based to ensure the motivational, educational and insightful talks are all skewed towards a topic as it affects Startups. Details of the Theme titles shall be publicized ahead of any of the events.


Montage, clips, interviews from Founder2be Events…


Pictures from the Founder2be July 2014 events.

Pictures from the Founder2be May 2014 events.

Pictures from the Founder2be August and November 2013 events.


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Previous speakers

Speaker 1

Akintude Oyebode

Head of SME Banking, Stanbic IBTC Founder2be November, 2013

Speaker 2

Anthony Onyeoghane

Director Waterfalls Entertainment, Lawyer and Enterprise Risk Management /Founder2be August, 2013

Speaker 3

Bob Anikpo

Assurance, Interface & Risk Coordinator, Chevron /Founder2be August, 2013

Speaker 4

Dapo Adesanya

Country Director, Innovation Institute /Founder2be November, 2013

Speaker 5

Dika Oha

Founder, E-Commerce Outsourcing Services (EOS) /Founder2be August, 2013

Speaker 6

George Akomas

Head, Strategy and Training, Strategy & Concepts/ /Founder2be August, 2013

Speaker 4

Oo Nwoye

Co-Founder Fonebase Labs Founder2be November, 2013

Speaker 5

Raphael Afaedor

Co-Founder Jumia/CEO Supermart Ng/ Founder2be May, 2014

Speaker 5

Tomi Davies

Convener Lagos Angels Network/CEO TechnoVision /Founder2be November, 2013 & May, 2014

Speaker 4

Weyinmi Jemide

Chief Client Officer - Weyinmi Jemide LLP /Founder2be May, 2014


  • What is Founder2be?

    Founder2be is the world's leading co-founder finding community. Our match making service at is connecting entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business in 100+ countries. And we have held co-founder events on five continents already.
  • Who is Founder2be for?

    Founder2be is for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. Whether you already have an idea for a business or not.We believe everyone knows something, nobody knows everything, and by teaming up with the right person with complimentary skills, you can achieve anything. Whether you are a software developer, or a designer, have a business background, or anything else, you're welcome to join.
  • How does it work?

    Simply sign up for free and create your profile at You can explore the community and connect with others: developers, designers, marketers, and many more. See who you like, send some messages, and meet with your potential co-founder. Since it's always good to meet in person eventually, our ambassadors are holding a series of events around the world to bring together plenty of like-minded individuals in one room. Joins us for the next one.
  • Does Founder2be really work?

    You bet it does. Thousands of contacts are being sent every month and quite some successful companies have been founded by people who met thanks to Founder2be. You can read about some of the success stories of companies founded by people like you and me here.
  • Where does Founder2be come from?

    Founder2be originates from Helsinki, Finland - the birth place of mega successes such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and many others. Founder2be has since taken the world by storm, inspires people everywhere to seriously consider starting a business and brings the excitement of entrepreneurship and co-founding to 100+ countries everywhere.

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